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When compared to other sex toys for women, dildos are more loved and always stay on top of the list of most demanded sex toys. A dildo is an exact replica of a penis that is popularly used by women to satisfy their sexual needs. It is available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Made of different materials like silicone, rubber, metal, glass, etc., a dildo is widely referred to as a woman’s best friend. This is because satisfying a woman’s sexual needs has never been that easy, but a dildo easily accomplishes the hard target.

Different Types Of Dildos

Beginner dildos

These are not only meant for women who are new to exploring sex toys but also for girls stepping into adulthood and sexual world. These are small in both length and girth with a smooth texture with the capability of bending in any direction. Since first impressions always last long, we assure you that these will leave the best possible impact.

Realistic Dildos

These have an exact resemblance of a penis and feature the tiniest of details like a twisted penis head and penis nerves. These are most popularly used since women find these really close to a real penis.

Glass Dildos

The most popular material used to craft dildos is silicone. However, we never keep away from innovating and trying new things. Thus, we have curated a complete range of glass dildos for you to choose from. Glass dildos have a smooth and plain surface, making it easier for them to slip inside the vagina. These are a little heavier than the silicone ones and are mostly preferred for anal use.

Vibrating Dildos

We are not aware if you know this or not, but vibrators and dildos are 2 different things. Where a dildo is just the replica of a real penis, a vibrating dildo is a replica of a real penis with an added superpower to vibrate. Since all women love vibration and men can’t completely satisfy this need, vibrating dildos have been women’s favorite dildos across the world.

Harness strap-on dildos

These come with a harness that can be wrapped around the waist and worn like underpants. The strap-on is an adjustable belt attached with a silicone penis dildo. There are 2 usual kinds of strap-on dildos – the hollow one, and the solid one. These have been popular among lesbians.

Suction cup dildos

The idea of using a dildo fascinates all but not everyone likes to use their hands to hold the dildo and stroke it inside their vagina. Suction cup dildos are for such females. The base of such dildos has a shaft at the bottom which creates a vacuum when you stick it to any plain surface. So, you can enjoy a completely hands-free experience by sticking your dildo to a wall tile or floor.

Thrusting Dildos

A thrusting dildo is an automatic sex machine that produces stroking movement like a real sex drive, along with the vibration. Most of these come in the form of hands-free dildos powered with different power resources and in variants that operate with wireless remotes.

Foreskin Dildos

Dildos resemble to a real penis, but a small factor of the foreskin was missing in dildos. Foreskin dildos adds that missing element and provide the feel of a real dildo. These may even make you question if you really need men anymore.

Inflatable Dildos

Customization in dildos has finally been introduced in the form of inflatable dildos. These come with a pump to increase pressure inside the dildo that allows you to change the width of the dildo.

A pro tip: Increasing the size while a dildo is already inside the vagina is a whole different experience you should have at least once in life.

Non-realistic dildos

We know that dildos are exact replica of a penis. However, there are some dildos that give a different touch and might feel better than real dildos. Non-realistic dildos hold the power to make you fascinate way more than the real ones.

Animal dildos

Did you know that animal porn is the 5th most popular porn category? This makes it clear that women do fantasize big animal dicks. As per the porn stars who acted in animal porn, horses are known to be the most favorite animal among all others. If you have a dark fantasy to get fucked by an animal, then animal dildos are for you.

Dual-end dildos

The world of sex toys is open to people with different sexualities. When it comes to lesbians, dual-end dildos have been designed to satisfy their sexual needs. In dual-end dildos, both the ends of the dildos are shaped like a penis head. When a female is inserting one end inside her partner’s vagina, she can insert the other end in her glory hole, and both can enjoy stimulation altogether.

Huge dildos

Most of the women say – The bigger, the better and this category is dedicated to women who enjoys bigger dicks. These are usually bigger than the normal 8 inches size. These help women enjoy sensation in the deep untouched nerves of their vagina.

Anal dildo

Anal sex is a road less travelled in India but if you ask someone who has done it, you might receive a lot of positive perspective about the same. There is a dedicated anal dildo collection for women who roll that way.

Benefits of using a Dildo

  • You always have full control over a dildo without having to give anything in return
  • You enjoy sex better and for as long as you want to
  • You never have to beg a dildo for that extra vibration
  • You can choose the size as per you needs and preferences
  • Your need to fulfill sexual desires is always just a dildo away
  • Dildos are known to give you the best oral sex experience

Are dildos and vibrators same?

When it comes to dildos and vibrators, people generally misunderstand both to be same. However, it is not true. The 2 are different with entirely different characteristics. Dildos are sex toys that are a replica of a penis whereas vibrators come in different sizes and shapes to stimulate the erogenous zones of a vagina. You may find a vibrating dildo but never a vibrator that work or feels like a real penis. Thus, make sure what your needs and preferences are before buying any one of the two.

3 Tips To Choose The Right Dildo

Consider your needs/preferences:

The first thing to consider while buying a dildo is your needs and preferences. Make it clear if you are buying a dildo for vaginal masturbation or anal use. This will help you in choosing the right one for the specific use.

Material concern:

Dildos come in a wide variety of materials, and you must choose the one your body is most comfortable with. Silicone dildos are most popular among women. However, women who want to enjoy kinkier sex go for the glass dildos as well. Make a choice of the material that satisfies your sexual needs while not causing any harm to your body.

Shape and size:

Shape and size of a dildo matters a lot when it comes to buying one. Make sure you buy the right shape and size as per your needs. If you are a beginner, a smaller sized dildo is recommended and if you are a pro, you may go for the size of a dildo as per your need.

Care and maintenance of a dildo

  • Care and maintenance of a dildo is way easier as compared to a vibrator. Follow the given steps to ensure you are doing it right:
  • Wash your dildo in a water-mixed, sensitive cleaning solution and rub the same with your hands
  • Always dry clean the dildo with a dry towel or tissue
  • Detach the batteries if your dildo is a vibrating dildo
  • Wait for the dildo to dry and then keep it in a dry place (away from the sunlight) to preserve the same for future use.

Safety considerations while using a dildo

  • Always use a compatible lube with your dildo
  • Ensure that there are no dirt particles on your dildo (it may cause itching)
  • Always clean your dildo before and after use
  • Never share your dildo with anyone because it may cause infection or any other disease
  • Use dedicated dildos for vaginal and anal penetration

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Frequently asked questions about dildos

Are dildos safe to use?

Yes, if used properly, dildos are safe to use. You must also take care of choosing the right dildo based on your needs, preferences, and consider if your body is allergic to certain materials.

Is it safe to buy dildos online?

If you buy from a reliable platform, it is safe to buy dildos online.

What is the difference between a dildo and a vibrator?

Dildos are sex toys that are a replica of a penis whereas vibrators come in different sizes and shapes to stimulate the erogenous zones of a vagina. You may find a vibrating dildo but never a vibrator that work or feels like a real penis.

Shall I buy a dildo or a vibrator?

That depends on your needs and preferences. If you want to enjoy the feel of a real penis, go with a dildo and if you want to enjoy vibration & stimulation, vibrators must be in your wish list.