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If you are widening your horizons to the world of sex toys, choosing your first one can be a little overwhelming. However, you needn’t worry because we are here to help you with some of the best beginner-friendly sex toys.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a sex toys to use all by yourself or ignite a spark between you & your partner, there are a few toys that are great to start with. Through this post, we will walk you through a list of 3 sex toys for beginners based on popularity, reviews, and sexperts advice. Without any further delay, let’s jump on the 3 sex toys every beginner must try their hands on.

3 Sex Toys Every Beginner Must Try

Clitoral vibrator

Clitoral vibrators are a little different from the regular ones since these are specifically meant to give you the feeling of oral sex. The circle cup gives pulsing air pumps that help stimulate the clitoris and other parts of the vagina. The delivered air pumps are no less than the feeling of oral sex.

Just like the regular vibrators, these also come with multiple setting options to help you control the intensity of oral fun. The simplest way to use a clitoral vibrator is by starting from the lowest level of intensity and placing it on your clitoris. You may consider increasing the intensity as appropriate. Once you place the cup on your clitoris, it draws the clitoris in to encourage blood flow and increase sensitivity.

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Magic wands

These are called magic wands for a reason and the most compelling reason is that these are magical in more than one way. These are easy to use and help women enjoy a powerful vibrating sensation by giving entire control to magic wand aficionados over different vibrations and the level of intensity.

Magic wands are generally wireless and rechargeable, keeping you away from the need to replace their batteries. You can either use these alone or heat up the intimate moments while enjoying a sexual encounter with your partner. If you are using a magic wand for the first time, we recommend you start the play at a lower intensity level and then increase the intensity as you find appropriate.

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Rabbit vibrator

If you enjoy simultaneous clitoral stimulation and penetration, then you must own a rabbit vibrator. These are best known to deliver an intense feeling of both penetration and stimulation at the same time. Made of silicone, these come with a skin-like feel that helps you enjoy natural and comfortable penetration. One of the best things about a rabbit vibrator is that these are easy to maintain and clean.

Just like magic wands, these also come with multiple vibration settings. If you are new to using a rabbit vibrator, consider using one on the less sensitive areas like breasts or nipples. Using it on a less sensitive area helps you understand the intensity of the vibration and makes it easier for you to pick an intensity that works best for your body.

When you start using a rabbit vibrator, insert the shaft into your vagina while placing the smaller part on or near your clitoris. Placing the rabbit vibrator this way will help you enjoy both stimulation and penetration in one go. These are a popular choice among beginners, so don’t be afraid to try one.

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Now that you know about 3 most popular sex toys that a beginner must try their hands on, we hope you will add these into your bucket list for enjoying an intense sexual encounter.

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