Penis Sleeves


Penis sleeves are one of the fewest sex products that are still not popularized among people. It is because of their design and lack of knowledge among people, they are generally considered as a hard-to-use product. However, we suggest you to not miss out on these because these can actually work wonders in your sex life.

Penis sleeves act as an extension of your penis and can be used by men for the added fun and pleasure during sex.

What is a Penis Sleeve? 

A penis sleeve is a sex toy for men that fits at the top and around the penis to increase its size. A few common names for penis sleeve are cock sleeve, penis enhancer, penis extension, penis sheath, and many more. The main benefit of using penis sleeve is that their thickness can be increased or reduced depending on the comfort level.

These can lessen the sensation of having sex without compromising with your partner’s satisfaction. This results in a delay in the orgasm and an exciting sexual experience.

Advantages of using a Penis Sleeve

Penis sleeves are bestowed with many advantages. Here are a few reasons why you must consider investing in penis sleeve for men:

  • The most prominent advantage of using a penis sleeve is its size. You can increase or reduce the size of a penis sleeve according to your and your partner’s preference.
  • Penis sleeve enlarges the size of length and girth of a penis, which, in turn ensures great sexual satisfaction.
  • People with erectile dysfunction can enjoy great sex using penis sleeve. These help them hold their semen for longer duration.
  • If you lose an erection while having intercourse, the penis sleeve makes sure that your partner is still pleased. This eventually has a direct impact on men’s mental health.

These were a few advantages of using a penis sleeve that guarantees a rocking sex life.

Types of Penis Sleeve for men

Open-ended Penis Sleeve

Open-ended penis sleeves are quite famous among men who are happy with the length of their penis but look for more thickness. Also known as half penis sleeve, these stick to the side of your penis. These are made of either silicone or metal and can be easily used by men.

Close-ended Penis Sleeve

Close-ended dick sleeves are meant for men with erectile dysfunction. The contraption is connected at the base of the penis and the penis is covered by a textured extension which stimulate both partners during sex, ensuring complete satisfaction.

Vibrating Penis Sleeve

As the name itself suggests, a vibrating penis sleeve comes with a vibrating system. The pulsation caused by the vibrating system rubs the texture inside the sleeve against your penis and you feel sexually elated. It also arouses your partner and takes your intimacy to another level of satisfaction.

Silicone Penis Sleeve

Silicone penis sleeves are made of silicone and are most popular among men since they compete with the stimulation of the skin. These are the safest and most skin-friendly to use.

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