What is a Penis Ring?

Penis rings are manufactured in a way that other male sex toys can be worn around the penis to gain sexual delight and attain sexual pleasure. The sexy penis rings are made of skin-friendly medical grade silicone and even though they are smaller in size, they still produce a great amount of erotic pleasure among males. Couples can also utilize a penis ring while having intercourse and during masturbation to spice up sexual pleasure.

Hot tip for all the women – If you are a woman, you can gift your man a penis ring and amp up the fun at night by setting up the toy at the ideal speed before you indulge in intercourse. You can use a penis ring to enjoy both like vaginal intercourse and the anal pleasure. The vibrations will stimulate the genitals by causing a chain of stimulating sensations wherever you touch, and the toy can be used by both of you.

There are many kinds of penis rings that you can buy online as per the usage and your preferences on the kinky Toys as the platform offers a wide range of products in this niche. You can experiment with your bodies and have great sex. Penis vibrating rings are designed and made of skin-friendly materials, come in various sizes and shapes to fit everyone's requirements.

Benefits of using a penis ring

  • It helps men achieve long-lasting erections – A good erection happens when there is a good amount of blood rushing into the penile tissues.
  • Helps men perform better at night with more self-confidence – Better erections means you can have sex for a long time with improved performance in bed.
  • Your partner feels more sexually satisfied – Penis rings are a versatile sex toy and partners can choose to have sex in multiple positions and engage in fun activities

What are the different types of dick rings?

Penis ring types may vary based on their material, style, or the function they’ve been chosen for. While the basic silicone penis ring might be the choice of many, dick rings with extensions such as a dildo, vibrator, or penis sleeve are also popular. Some of the more commonly seen and bought penis rings are:

1. Adjustable penis ring

Adjustable penis rings are made of silicon, though some metal penis rings can be adjusted during sex to tighten the grip around your penis. One can first wear them and screw the grip to the point where it is enjoyable and doesn’t hurt or pinch the skin. These are the most recommended for men who are beginning to explore.

These penis rings are made of breathable material. By the virtue of its adaptability, it can be put on both a flaccid and a semi-erect penis. The adjustment can be either done with a screw, though Velcro, lasso adjusters, or other fasteners work just as fine. Silicone penis rings are the ones most preferred by many.

2. Stretchable penis ring

Stretchable penis rings are the simplest, yet effective silicone penis rings. Their simplicity lies in the ease of the interchangeable size. They are made of soft and stretchy materials such as silicone. Thus, they fit smoothly on your testicles and the shaft, without leaving marks around your scrotum.

These stretchable penis rings might be the hardest to find in the right size. To make sure that it wouldn’t hurt you or irritate your skin, try it on your penis and ensure that one of your fingers can easily slide in and is easily removable.

3. Vibrating penis ring

Penis rings are effective on their own, but vibrating penis rings take your sexual experience one level higher, with completely adjustable pulsations, penis ring vibrators enhance the experience of your lovemaking. These pleasure rings vibrate while also restricting the blood. The throbbing sensation grazes your testicles while the nerve endings of your penis are being sensitized. These rings are the best when worn during sex. This is because the vibration from the pleasure ring may be effective in caressing your partner’s taint or vagina. Intense orgasms are a guarantee of these rings.

4. Penis ring with urethral sounding

One of the famous extensions in the penis rings for men is the attached urethral sounding. These are special sex toys for men made of stainless steel or glass. These are inserted into the urethra via the penis. Using it for a prolonged period might be uncomfortable and thus must be removed immediately. It works on the phenomenon that the nerve endings at the walls of the urethra are also sensitized during use.

Is Penis Ring safe to use?

Cock rings are the best sex toy for men, it helps to boost your performance while adding up to the level of pleasure. It is quite easy to use, unlike other sex toys, it does not require extensive preparations. All you need to do is just easily slide on your penis and you are all set to go and rock. A small circular band wrapped around your penis, not only makes your erection bigger and harder but also helps to last longer during sex with your partner or even masturbating.

Tips to keep your penis ring safe

  • Always make sure that you wash the penis ring before and after use
  • Wash the ring in warm water, mixed with a delicate solution
  • Once washed, dry the penis ring with a tissue or dry cloth
  • Once dried, store the penis ring in at a normal temperature, away from sunlight

Commonly asked FAQs about penis rings

Is penis ring safe to use?

Yes, penis rings are safe to use, if you use them properly.

Where can I buy a penis ring?

You can easily buy a penis ring on online sex toys platforms like Kinky Toys.

What about my identity while buying a penis ring/

With Kinky Toys, you never have to worry about your identity getting revealed. This is because the platform takes care of keeping your identity and related information protected.