Most of the males get addicted to masturbation right after they discover it in their teen age. That first orgasm is all they want to feel and there’s none that can blame them for feeling so. From the first time they touch their penis to that wonderful feeling of having the first orgasm, the entire feeling is just out of the world.  

Well, as the males turn into men and follow a pathway to survive in the real-harsh world, a lot of it changes for them. The stress of fitting in the real world or making a career, or any other stress affects them in a lot of ways. It also has an impact on their sexual life. This is where sex toys for men kick in.  

Masturbators or masturbation toys for men are curated products that help them enjoy priceless orgasms. These hold the power to delay, stunt, or hasten their orgasms. Masturbators are available in wide variety. From fake vagina masturbators to sex machines, men can find a wide variety of products online.

Having sex with masturbators 

Masturbators for males are sex toys incorporated with an extremely soft silicone sleeve that a man can wear on his penis. These are designed to impart a greater level of satisfaction to men while they are masturbating. Also known as penis sleeve or pocket pussy, these are quite famous among men.  

From simple to complex, these are available in a wide range online. You may find sleeves with open ends on both sides or toys that give a real-time feeling of female body parts.

Why men use masturbators? 

Here are a few reasons behind why men use masturbators: 

  • Masturbators help them relax 
  • Assist them in understanding their sexual organs better 
  • Help them soothe their sexual stress  
  • Helps them release sexual energy when they don’t have a partner 
  • Allow them to release extra stress
  • Act as a stimulant when they want to have solo fun

Masturbators for men

Masturbators are the top-of-the-line sex toys available for men. These impart a feeling of doing it with a real female sexual organ and men enjoys that feeling while using the silicone made toys.

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Cleaning tip

Masturbators are reusable which means that you have to clean them up both before and after use. There is a high chance of developing skin or yeast infections if you do not clean them after and before use.


You need to take the inner sleeve out and rinse the same with lukewarm water to clean the accumulated fluids. Ensure that the sleeve is properly turned inside out so that the water runs properly through every nook and corner. Avoid using any soap or detergent as it may degrade the quality of the sleeve. You may use a sleeve cleanser to enjoy great results.


Putting the wet toy away might result in the growth of mold. Thus, make sure to remove the excess water and leave the sleeve to dry in the air. When the sleeve dries up completely, you may store it to be used for later. Consider using a renewing powder to maintain the skin-like texture of the sleeve.

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