Chastity locks date back to the medieval era and were used by women back then to protect their virginity. It was considered a crazy approach to keep control over women’s chastity being taken away. However, with the passage of time, these became quite common among men and were created to stimulate the fetish among men.

Chastity cage locks can be used during foreplay to obstruct one’s partner from getting an erection. These can even be used for days to enjoy that extra kink. The locking nature of chastity cage makes them an ideal choice for climax disapproval. These are generally used for BDSM and include getting someone so sexually aroused but not letting them reach an orgasm.

These prove to be a perfect sex toy for men who like to get dominated by their partner.

GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT – Chastity cage lock has added more sense to the saying. These allow a person to wait for the pleasure and when it happens, it adds extra spice to the orgasm.

How long can you wear a chastity lock?

Chastity locks can be worn for a few hours or even as long as for months. If you are wearing it only for the purpose of taking a quick scan into BDSM, wearing it for a few hours is recommended. However, if you wish to enjoy an intense orgasm while working under a busy schedule, you can wear chastity locks for weeks or even months.

If you wish to wear a chastity lock for a longer duration, consider buying one that does not imprint on your pants.

Is it safe to wear a chastity lock?

Wearing a chastity lock cage is safe. However, you must ensure that your skin is not allergic to the material and always consider buying chastity locks that are soft and skin-friendly. The main discomfort with chastity lock lies in the fact of getting used to using them. Thus, you must go for a plastic chastity cage as these are comparatively lighter and do not stretch your penis.

How to clean a chastity lock?

Using a chastity lock can be wonderful for people who likes to keep the sex life spicy. However, if not cleaned properly, these can prove to be way too harmful.  

To clean a chastity cage lock, you can soak it in a mixture of mild soap and lukewarm water. After soaking your chastity lock in the mixture for a few minutes, clean and rinse it using cold water. Always consider sun drying a chastity lock before storing or using it again.  

In case your chastity lock is made of plastic, consider substituting warm water with cold water and immerse the belt for a longer than usual time. You must also use a revitalizing talcum powder when the best is all dried up to render the belt soft.

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