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Welcome to India’s leading adult products online store that meets all your needs for premium sex accessories, exotic sex toys, and adult products for couples, women, men, gays, and lesbians in India - MyKinkiToys.in. You can experience our curated collection of sex products for your partner or yourself. Our carefully picked collection includes unique adult toys and sex products like romantic kits, products, dildos, vibrators, sex dolls, penis enlargement devices, erotic lingerie, sexy dresses, condoms, lubricants, bedroom games, and a lot more. Buying sex toys in India is not a hassle anymore all thanks to online sex toys stores with free delivery, discreet packaging, and privacy-guaranteed transactions.

An Introduction to Sex Toys India

On a careful study of sex toys, a sex toy can be any device or object that enhances human pleasure. This can be anything like vibrators, dildos, realistic dildos, glass dildos, dildos with suction cup, silicone dildos, buy dildos, masturbators, penis pumps, condoms, sex dolls, cock rings, or a Fleshlight (Flashlight). Most of these sex toy accessories and carefully crafted to look similar to real-like human genitals in order to enhance the user’s real sex pleasure. The thing to note here is that sex toys have been known to people throughout the world for several decades now. However, in India, one thing that can be declared with certainty is that we would definitely like anything that remotely resembles a pleasure game. Since Indian society has been rather conservative and reserved towards its sexuality, it can be taboo. Things are changing now, as Indian is taking the leap for the better and opening up to sex toys and better sexual experiences. The result is that we are seeing a rise in the popularity of the notion of Sex Toys in India by the day.

Sex Toys In India - The History

The special thing about Indian history is that sex has been a taboo for a very long time. One is not as comfortable in revealing or even talking freely about their sexual life as it brings in a great level of awkwardness to the conversation.  Nevertheless, India gave the world the gift of MyKinkiToys - a book that is now known and cherished across the globe. MyKinkiToys is meant to add kinkiness to a couple’s life that has become monotonous or boring. This makes it clear that the society in India is not like one that used to exist in the time of the MyKinkiToys. If you do talk about sex in the open, chances are you will be bashed by a lot of people in society. This has been the century ever since Medieval India, where stigmas have been associated with sex. Fortunately, sex is being freely discussed in our country now and things seem brighter in the days to come.

Sex Toys - Advantages Of Using Them

Using sex toys makes you independent. You need not rely on a sexual partner to satisfy your urges anymore. The sale of sex toys in India has made people independent when it comes to sexuality. With sexual freedom, you can pleasure yourself whenever you feel like, without any extra efforts. Adult toys are also great for sexual exploration, giving you an avenue to unravel your sexual potential. You can find what spots work for you the best and what you would rather not do. It can also help you to improve yourself and perform better in bed when you are with your partner, which is always a welcome change.

If you own a sex toy, you can satisfy your sexual instinct and sexual urges whenever the need arises. Having sexual urges is a basic human instinct that is nothing to be ashamed of. This, in turn, allows you to have a good sexual lifestyle. By helping you to have a healthy sexual lifestyle, it also helps you to fight the stress of your routine life and release the pressure every now and then. Other than using sex toys to masturbate, you can also use them to be the best version of yourself and have great sexual compatibility with your sexual partner later in life.

An added bonus to owning a sex toy is that it motivates you to have some much needed alone “me” time. In the fast pace of this world, it is essential to make sure that you never stop living life to the fullest and show self-love. Sex toys provide you with an opportunity to discover yourself and have some pleasurable alone time, other than enhancing your sexual experience. The sale of adult toys in India has enhanced the experience of many individuals. You can use it either way - with your partner to add some kinkiness to the bedroom or for great solo sessions. Using sex toys with your partner will add the missing magic that usually fades away from the bedroom in every relationship after a while.

One of the major advantages of sex toys is that they provide orgasm equality. Usually, women tend to have a hard time (pun intended) getting an orgasm than men. A relationship is not healthy if both the people who are involved in sex are not sharing the pleasure equally, as the sexual needs of one partner are being neglected. By using sex toys, you can achieve orgasm equality as you can make sure that all your sessions are gratifying to the sexual needs of both the people. Everyone prefers different type of sex toys to achieve orgasm, some women like realistic dildos and glass dildos while others like dildos with suction cup, and silicone dildos, realistic dildos, glass dildos, dildos with suction cup, silicone dildos.

How To Buy Adult Sex Toys Online In India

On one hand, we have our proud country with a growing population without any bar, even ready to surpass China in terms of population, and on the other hand, our society wants us to behave like sex does not exist. Such a boom in population is obviously not possible unless there is a keen liking towards sexual pleasure - which us Indians have no matter how much we deny it.

Best Adult Toys For Men

It goes without saying that adult sex toys have played a significant role in enhancing our exposure and sexual knowledge. The online sale of sex toys has played a major role in dealing with the stigmas surrounding sex in India. The online sale of adult toys has made Indians more open and free towards sexual liberation; it would be safe to say that sex toys have pioneered the change in the sexual culture in India. Some examples of male sex toys are prostate massagers and male masturbation toys. The online sale of adult products has proved that a sex toy is something that we all need to grow as a society as well as on an individual level.

The normalization of sex toys in India has also been ushered in by their depiction in tv-series and movies such as Sex Education, Badhaai Ho, Lust Stories, and Fifty Shades of Grey. As a result of these media productions, the taboo associated with sex in general and sex toys, in particular, has been uplifted. Now, a sex toy stands as a symbol of the liberation of our sexual instincts.

Pros Of Shopping Sex Toys Online in India

By online shopping in India, sex toys are available at affordable prices as you can choose from a wide variety of affordable adult products. MyKinkiToys makes sure that you get the most value out of your money, as customer satisfaction is the single most important aim of our store. When you are shopping at our store, we take care of your satisfaction from privacy to delivery and beyond. We have high-quality adult toys for men and the best adult products in India. Not only that, we have the lowest sex toy price.

We provide discreet packaging as we are aware of the need for it when sex toys are bought online in India, such as when you buy dildos. We provide full secrecy when you buy dildos online. We maintain complete confidentiality with our completely discreet packaging. Our non-descriptive labeling makes sure that no one except you knows what is inside the box that is being delivered to you. When it comes to taking care of your privacy, no one can do a better job than MyKinkiToys.in. When you place an order with us, no one will know about the contents of your package - not even the courier agent delivering your order. They would not even know that you have ordered the package from our store, such is our expertise when it comes to providing a discreet delivery experience.

We take your privacy one step further when you buy sex toys in India at our store with secretive billing. Apart from discreet shipping, it is also important to take care of your bank account and credit/debit card statement. We can assure you that our billing process is completely secretive and our name will not be displayed anywhere on your bank or card statement. We have the best selection for male masturbation toys, male sex toys, and prostate massagers.

We always make sure that our customers in India have access to the best sex products in the world be it for men or women. At MyKinkiToys.in, you will get to choose from a carefully curated but huge collection of products from leading international sex toys brands. When you purchase a product at our store, you can be sure of getting the best deal as well as the best product. We are the perfect place for you to buy dildos. We also have the lowest sex toy price for adult products in India. We will make sure our products work for you if you buy dildos online or other adult toys for men.

MyKinkiToys: The Best Sex Toy Shop In India For Sex Toys Online

The easiest way to buy dildo online and another sex toy online, and where to receive adult toys India and adult products India. MyKinkiToys is the best store selling authentic adult toys in India for a number of reasons. Having served thousands of customers over time, we have come to be known as the most reliable sex toys portal in India. We also have the lowest sex toy price for adult products in India. We will make sure our products work for you if you buy dildos online or other adult toys for men.

Buy Sex Toys in India - Buy Dildos and More in India

We understand that most of our customers in India are getting to use our category of products for the first time. Therefore, we make sure that you get your hands on something that exceeds your sexual fantasies and fulfills all your desires. To make sure that you make the right choice, we have a dedicated customer service chat box at our store to help you out with all the product related queries that you have. With our curated collection of sex toys for individuals of all types of preferences and sexual fantasies, we make sure that you get the best experience. Other than helping you to choose the most suitable sex toy for you, we also provide excellent after-sales support if you ever encounter any problem with your purchase.

Get Sex Toys in India At The Lowest Prices

To make sure that you can fulfill your sexual needs without shelling out a lot of money, we have a wide range of products in every price category. No matter how much money you are willing to spend, you will definitely get something that is cost-effective and powerful enough to blow your mind away with powerful orgasms. At MyKinkiToys, we take the utmost care of your sexual wellness. All our products are made from medical-grade silicone or other body-safe material. Coming from international brands after stringent quality checks, all products at our store are safe to use. We have high-quality male sex toys such as prostate massagers which can be used for male masturbation. We also have a dedicated page where you can buy a large variety of dildos: realistic dildos, glass dildos, dildos with a suction cup, silicone dildos, and much more.

Beginner’s Guide To Sex Toys

Most of the visitors at our store are usually new to the concept of our products. Usually, one tends to have a lot of questions about the type of product. People are concerned about whether the product they purchase will be suitable for them or not. To make their experience smoother and easier, MyKinkiToys takes care of all their concerns. We have a beginner’s guide to sex toys that you can refer to for making sure that you purchase a product that suits you the best. Still, if you have any queries or if you are confused about anything, we are always here to answer all your queries.


Being the most popular portal for sex toys in India, we make sure to provide great offers to our customers around the year. At our store, you can avail of great discounts on premium products to make sure that you get the best deal out of it. With our exciting offers and regularly added new collections of products, you will always have something to look forward to. When it comes to purchasing a sex toy, we will make sure that you get the most value for your money. Sex toys enrich your sexual pleasures and take your experience to a whole new level. Owning a sex toy is a step in the right direction whether you are single or you are a couple looking to add some kinkiness to the bedroom!


Buying Sex Toys Online in India

The reason why MyKinkiToys is the best website to buy sex toys in India:

MyKinkiToys works with the motto of enriching the sex life of the Indian community. To make sure that happens, we import the top-selling products from international brands across the USA and Europe. Since the Indian market is flooded with cheap Chinese sex toys, we at MyKinkiToys take special care of ensuring that our customers get the value for their money. Instead of getting poor Chinese sex toys, you will get reliable products that come with a warranty from renowned international brands. Apart from providing authentic products, we also provide the best prices for all products along with free shipping across India. Our payment gateway, as well as our website, works on the latest security frameworks to keep your data secure. With a number of payment methods to choose from including cash on delivery, you can get sex toys delivered to you at your door or opt for self-collect and pick your order yourself from your nearest courier office at your own convenience!

Which are the best sex toys for men?

Depending upon what you expect from your sex toy, as a man you can either choose from masturbators, prostate massagers, male masturbation toys, male sex toys that help with your orgasms or go with delay creams and cock rings that enhance your performance and help you to last long during intercourse while enjoying the whole experience better.


Which are the best sex toys for women in India?

While men can achieve sexual satisfaction relatively easier, it is a rather uphill task when it comes to women. Women’s sex life, therefore, tends to be more monotonous and unsatisfying than men. A large variety of sex toys are available to help women reach there. Some examples of the varying types of dildos are realistic dildos, glass dildos, dildos with suction cup, and silicone dildos. Premium vibrators are usually the right choice if you wish to achieve mind-boggling orgasms. You can start with a rabbit vibrator or dual vibrators and see what suits you more - G-spot stimulation or clitoral stimulation. Once you experience it and know your body better, there are a lot of vibrators and dildos to choose from.


Which are the best sex toys for couples in India?

Making the session of sexual intercourse more pleasurable is a job well done by couple sex toys. They enhance the overall experience by pleasuring one or both of the partners at the same time. A number of couple vibrators and masturbators, prostate massagers, male masturbation, male sex toys, are available among the good couple sex toys. Performance-enhancing sprays and delay creams are also a great way of doing the job.


It is safe to use sex toys?

We can assure that it is completely safe to use all sex toys on MyKinkiToys. We procure our premium collection of sex toys that are made from body-safe neutral material that is easy to clean and soft on the skin. You should not worry about using sex toys as they will definitely enhance your sexual life whether you are single or in a relationship. When using sex toys at MyKinkiToys, you are completely sure that they are safe.


How can sex toys make my sex life better?

The concept of sex toys is fairly new to Indians and questions like these are only fair. But the booming sex toys industry across the globe is clear proof that sex toys certainly are in demand and are a great way of enhancing your sex life. With their meticulously crafted design and premium features, sex toys are the right way to improve your sex life.


Why should you not buy sex toys offline?

It is not legal in India to sell sex toys offline. Moreover, there are no authentic offline stores in India where you can get reliable products that are worth your money. Chances are that if you purchase from a local store, you will end up with a poor-quality Chinese sex toy that will not last for even a month, apart from ruining your experience of buying sex toys. It is better to have none than owning sex toys that are worthless.


Why should you buy sex toys online in India?

Since it is illegal to sell sex toys in an offline store, the only right way to purchase them is to opt for an online store. Online sex toys store provides a hassle-free experience and allows you to choose from a wide variety of products. With MyKinkiToys, you can get them online at the comfort of your home and with guaranteed privacy.


Can I gift sex toys to someone?

As long as you are sure the person receiving the gift will not be offended by it, it is always a great idea if you are gifting sex toys to someone, provided they are 18 years of age or above. Sex toys are nothing to be ashamed of and they actually make a great gift for friends as well as for partners. Gifting sex toys is a unique option as it is better than the usual cards and watches people are used to receiving, so you may go ahead and gift sex toys to whomever you deem appropriate.


Are discreet sex toys available?

A lot of sex toys are available that come with a discreet design to cater to customers’ needs for privacy and discreetness, be it masturbators, prostate massagers, male masturbation, male sex toys, or vibrators. For instance, the Dolphin vibrator looks like a small dolphin and the Fleshlight (Flashlight) masturbator has a case that makes it look like a torch. Therefore, a large number of sex toys are discreet. Whether you want a realistic sex toy or one that is discreet, you have a lot of options to choose from in both categories.


How can I pay for my order at MyKinkiToys?

We offer a number of online payment options, so you can pay via credit card, debit card, net banking, UPI, or digital wallets. All payments are processed through our extremely secure state-of-the-art payment gateway, and our name will not reflect on your bank statement. You can also opt to pay via Cash on Delivery without any extra charges.